Saturday, April 17, 2010

I Need to Get Out More, Part II

Of the 16 different vendors at the Chicago Moms Blog event last night, there were two I was quite excited about -- in my most geeky way,of course.

First was the Energizer recharge. This should be required for every baby shower. The premise is so simple. This little device comes with four AA batteries, but it doesn't just recharge your batteries. It tells you how much energy is still left in your batteries. Why did this intrigue me so? Well, in our house we have a lot of toys with AA batteries. About half the time we find a bunch of batteries on the floor instead of in the toys. There's no way to tell which of the batteries are new and which are about to die out. Now we don't have to wonder if the batteries are any good any more. We can just check the rechargeable batteries in this device. I really like the idea, can you tell?
I have to say, though, that I did feel badly for the two young men representing Energizer. They were nice, polite and knowledgeable. They also seemed a bit overrun by the dozens of moms in the room. They would be in the middle of explaining their product when one mom recognized another friend, and then well...let's just say we had short attention spans. The nice, young men had to start all over again. They were very, very patient.

The other idea I really liked was from IGo Green. They had a product with a litium ion battery, so you didn't need an electrical outlet to charge your mobile phone/laptop/etc. Great idea, huh? It took me a minute to understand why this was such a good idea. Since I have a two year old phone (ancient in the tech world), I didn't realize how often iPhones, Palms, and Blackberries need to be charged. Some day I'll have a cool phone and I'll need this.

The product I liked the most was their Power Smart Tower. This device helps reduce stand-by power loss. There are outlets that shut down when not in use (like your flat screen TV), while others stay on (like your DVR). Think about how much power/money you could save if you had smart outlets like this? I was just thinking about how much phantom power we use. We have a tv in the living room that rarely gets turned on, yet every time I open the cabinet, I see the red "off" circle glowing. It bugs me, but I cannot move the entire cabinet to unplug the tv. The Power Smart Tower would solve this problem.

Perhaps the best part of the display was the "Suck Less" buttons IGo Green was distributing. It's part of a campaign to reduce phantom power use. I really wanted a button, but didn't think it was such a good idea since the girls would probably end up with it. Somehow I really don't think the school would appreciate that button, even though all the moms loved it.

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